Simplifying in 2023

Our Guest writer on today’s blog is Heather Rogers – Owner simply organized

Simplifying in 2023

What does the term “simplifying” mean to you? In the last few years, I hear the term work-life balance thrown out by everyone from meditation gurus to Oprah to high powered executives but don’t truly know how to have that balance. Most people I know feel guilty if they work too much and don’t spend enough time with their family. On the flip side, others feel guilty about missing too much work or taking more than a week or two of vacation per year.

I’ve been a professional organizer for 12 + years and helped over 4,000 clients navigate major life changes. The one piece of advice I give every day is stop trying to do it all! There is no such thing as a perfect home, perfect family, perfect children and I don’t know anyone who isn’t working on more balance and less stress. Give yourself a break and take a couple items off that long To-Do list.

Without a magic wand, I’m going to give you a few organizing and time management tools that may not give you all the balance but will surely save you some time to spend however you want. 

Tool # 1 – Time Blocking & Calendars

Use a calendar (phone, computer, paper, dry erase, doesn’t matter just pick one)

Block all the time each appointment will take including driving, waiting, traffic and give yourself a cushion for other people’s lateness – Ex. Doctor’s Apt. at 12pm should be blocked off for 11am-2pm 

Set alarms on your phone 15-30 minutes before each call, meeting, appointment or event

If you have a deadline in several months, put reminders on your calendar every month prior in order to tackle it – Ex. Taxes due April 15th put on calendar 1/15,2/15 & 3/15

Tool # 2 – The Drop Zone

There should be one place in your home where each family member puts their important stuff. I call this the Drop Zone. This is a way to get your family to actively participate in a routine that will save you all time, stress and a lot of frantic searching that makes you run late and starts every day with chaos.

Your drop zone should be close to the entrance of your home. If you have a mud room, that is a perfect spot but most of us don’t so use the laundry room, coat closet, pantry or garage.

Every family member gets their own hook, basket or shelf.

Each person helps get their section of the drop zone ready before they go to bed. Every day every item gets placed where it belongs. Consistency is the key!

Each evening you make sure the kids put their finished homework and any signed documents they need into their backpacks and onto their hook.

Lunches get packed each evening and placed into backpacks each morning.

Everyone’s shoes and socks for the next day get placed in the drop zone (or in their bedrooms).

This is a great place to put your keys, family calendar and charging station. Make sure you plug all the phones and devices in each evening before bed.

Each person helps get their section of the drop zone ready before they go to bed. Every day every item gets placed where it belongs. Consistency is the key!

More TIME and less stress. Imagine how much less stress and chaos you will have every morning when you don’t have to look for shoes, keys, phones and homework!

If you need help or have questions, please contact me at: Heather Rogers, Professional Organizer and Owner at Simply Organized. 404-825-2105 or

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