Helping Sellers have a “Happy Closing” starts in the beginning

You have probably seen lots of photos like this one. The photo shows genuine happiness on the face of the seller.  And you can tell that we are happy to be working together. This did not happen by accident! If you are planning on selling a home and looking to work with a Realtor®, here are four tips to help you find the right person to guide you through the process, so you can also achieve a happy closing.

  1.  Find a local agent who knows the market in the area where your property is located. There is no substitute for an agent who truly knows the neighborhood or city in which you are selling.  She has likely been in similar homes, she understands the target buyer, and has a firm grasp of how to price the home for the best price and quickest sale.
  2. Allow her to to a give a “listing presentation.”  This is her opportunity to show you what she is going to do for you and how she plans to sell your home. She will tell you about her brokerage firm and all the support her brokers provide.  Look for details in how she plans to market your home, including photographs. If she does not employ a professional photographer, look elsewhere.  90% percent of home buyers start their search online. Presenting your property digitally  with beautiful, professional photography is essential to get buyers to “favorite” your home in their search.
  3. Allow the agent to explain the process to you. This is where she explains from the time an offer is made to what happens in due diligence and how to handle the inspection. This is a great teachable moment for a good agent to present all the paperwork that you will encounter as the buyer’s offer comes in. I know it sounds like a lot to cover in the beginning, but having a true understanding of how the process is going to unfurl from beginning to end is important.
  4. Trust. You have to decide if you feel you can trust the real estate agent. And she needs to trust you. As with any great business relationship, you must be open, forthcoming and truthful. A true professional will do the right thing for you. Your interests will always come first regardless of her personal opinions or desires.

Doing things the  right way and having a great business relationship from the beginning does not ensure there won’t be bumps along the journey to selling your home. Almost every transaction has some unexpected trials and tribulations. But, when you have a solid professional by your side, she takes on much of the burden to find solutions and usually, it all works out.  Happy Closing!

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