How Does Your East Cobb Garden Grow?

Exciting things are happening for a group of gardeners in East Cobb. In 2017, the Cobb Master Gardners partnered with Cobb County government to allocate a piece of land located in Hyde Farm, a 135 acre park located off Lower Roswell Road in East Cobb, for a community garden. The gardening space is fenced in and includes irrigation.

In October 2017, the initial 40 beds were installed with the help of the Master Gardeners, Boy Scouts, and volunteers from Wheeler High School and KSU. Those initial beds were all rented within 30 days and the Master Gardeners and volunteers added an additional 10 beds in February. This first gardening season will have 50 new gardeners. Each plot measures 4ft. X 8ft and are available to rent for $50.00 per year. All plots have been rented for the upcoming year.

For more information, contact Master Gardener Randy Threatte at 404-431-3112 or

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In conjunction with the Hyde Community Garden, Cobb Master Gardeners sponsor educational gardening programs in East Cobb and other areas of Cobb County. Amy Whitney of Small Garden News spoke with garden enthusiasts at Hyde Farm about how to grow plants from seeds. Using seeds, containers, and samples, she explained the process for getting started with gardening. One of the advantages of growing your plants from seeds is that you know the quality of the plants that will go into your garden since you have cared for them from the beginning. It is quite fun and rewarding to watch these tiny seeds that you can barely see grow over just a few short weeks. Check out Amy’s blog and her seed starting guide at


Renae Lemon, Master Gardener Coordinator with UGA Extension Club says exciting things are on the horizon for the community. The Cobb Master Gardeners are getting ready to host the 2018 Garden Fair and Plant Sale at East Cobb Park with over 40 vendors. Also, the Spring Tour of Gardens is slated for May 2018, and Hyde Farm Community Garden will be featured on the tour. Please contact Renae at 770-528-4070 or at for any questions regarding Master Gardening in Cobb County.

I was lucky to secure my garden plot at Hyde Farm and am excited to share the happenings over in the community garden. I think I am going like how my garden grows!

Lee Ann

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