Podcast: How Does a Sudden Death Impact a Real Estate Closing?

The sale of a home is a very personal and often emotional event. While buyers are excited to have finally found the perfect property, sellers are saying goodbye to a home–and all of the treasured memories they enjoyed there. This experience can be further complicated by family situations, health concerns, and unfortunately, a sudden death.

Several years ago, I helped a sweet couple in their seventies with the sale of their home. During the process, the husband became ill. Sadly, his illness progressed, and we were forced to consider the possibility of him passing away before the closing. Wanting to help my clients and the buyers navigate this difficult situation, I turned to my friend and trusted colleague, Christian Ross, an attorney with Campbell and Brannon Real Estate Closings for expert advice on joint Tenancy.

Christian and I recently sat down to discuss that closing–and how a sudden death can impact a real estate transaction–on his podcast, Real Estate Stories with Christian Ross, Esq.


Podcasting microphone set up with a table, chair, and equipment

Lee Ann Wynns | East Cobb Realtor® 

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