Dream Closets for Any Home

By Gretchen Hornsby, East Cobb homeowner

It was December of 2018 when we heard the crash. My husband and I were sitting in our home office late one night when we heard something rip from the wall in our master bedroom closet. Then came the toppling of racks, clothes, and boxes. Opening the door, we surveyed the damage. The hanging rack that was original to our 1978 East Cobb home had separated from the wall and was now on the floor, along with part of the drywall and the contents of half of our closet.

With the busy Christmas season underway, my first thought was to find the most inexpensive solution and resolve the problem quickly. I wasn’t ready for another unexpected home repair. The year before, a plumbing backup led to the replacement of floors and walls on our main level, and in the process, our kitchen needed asbestos remediation when the linoleum flooring was removed. While our closet certainly wasn’t as serious as the plumbing problem, I was overwhelmed by the thought of being without a closet and having our clothes stashed wherever we could fit them. Also, I had my sights set on replacing the old formica countertops in our kitchen. Spending money on a room that nobody sees didn’t make much sense to me and would surly delay the project I really wanted to complete.

The other problem was the awkward shape of the closet. While it is a walk-in closet, I just wasn’t sure how we could use the space differently than what was already there. As a homeowner, these are the moments where beautiful magazine photos really work against you. You go online for inspiration, and find unrealistic spaces with wall-to-wall shelves, chandeliers, and luxurious ottomans. Envisioning a closet I would love with the space we had was definitely a challenge!

We started by clearing out or clothes and removing what was left of the old wire shelving unit, then headed to Home Depot to take a look at the DIY options. There were many choices and materials, but the cost made us question if a custom closet was within reach. We put the DIY plan on hold and make a few phone calls.

After several in-house consultations by closet companies, Artisan Custom Closets in East Cobb was the clear favorite. Lesley Balwin, Senior Designer, was very detailed with measurements and creative solutions for our space. She listened to our concerns and needs, having an idea for everything. While I obviously wanted a place for clothes and shoes, one item on my “wish list” was a place to hang long necklaces. She pointed out an an ideal space for a custom hanging rack with plenty of hooks just for this purpose. After the consultation, we were presented with an impressive CAD drawing of our closet, which utilized every inch of available space at a price we could afford (around $1,700). The work came with a lifetime guarantee, and what’s more, this project would qualify us for their lifetime minimum program–meaning that we would be able to have them return for future projects without having to meet a minimum price requirement.

Installation day was a breeze. The Artisan Closets team arrived with our new shelving units (all manufactured in Marietta!) and went to work. Within a few short hours, the job was complete, and we had a closet that was both functional and stylish. Best of all, a space that felt cramped before was now spacious with room to grow!

Nearly a year later, we are loving our new closet. While I had doubts at the beginning of the process, it was worth the time, effort, and cost to hire a professional to make the most out of our space. The organization makes it easy (and fun!) to get ready every morning, and I can clearly see every item of clothing. My favorite part is that my long necklaces are no longer tangled!

To make the most of the storage space in your home, I highly recommend Artisan Custom Closets. Whether it’s kitchen storage, a craft room, a garage, or a playroom, they have a solution to meet your needs. You can reach Lesley at 770-401-4511 or at LBaldwin@artisan-atl.com. Our next project will be our laundry room–just as soon as we take care of those countertops!

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