The Gift of Connecting

A Gift for Mom….

Whatever will we give my Mom for Christmas? She has limited space in an assisted care home. What would she enjoy? Many of you may face the same challenge for gift giving. Every year at Christmas we try to think of something that she would enjoy and use. This year we decided to set up a letter box.

The letter box has pretty cards, pens, and stamps. We made return labels with her new address at her assisted living residence so kids and grandkids can write her back.

We gathered her grandchildren’s names and addresses, along with ours, and placed them all on one sheet in large print and placed it inside the box.

The whole family!

The Doctors told my mother to write more, read more, and to keep her mind busy. She used to be quite good and sending notes of encouragement, get well notes, and thank you notes and plans to pick that good habit back up.

Our hope is that by creating a family note-writing project, she will write and we will all write back. We realize that in today’s digital society, many of our kids have not had the pleasure of getting a letter out of the mailbox written just for them.

Christmas and the holiday season are very special times for families. After many years of trying to “get it right,” I’ve learned the real blessing of the holidays is to find time to be with those we love and do the best we can to connect and stay connected with those who are dear to us.

Happy New Year! How will you connect with loved ones in 2020?

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