Walton High Drama Presents Matilda!

Come see the show in the new Walton High School Theatre!

Here is a quote from the star, Shelby Holihan, who is playing Matilda:

“I love playing Matilda because she is such a fun character and I have loved learning how to do a British accent! My favorite thing about the show is the music. The songs are so fun and catchy!”

 Allison Dobo, Technical Director says, “I love being able to see the ideas everyone has to offer as we start to put the show onto its feet. Every body brings something unique to the team and together I really think we made something special.“

Matilda was first commissioned and produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company and premiered at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, England on 9 November 2010. It transferred to the Cambridge Theatre in the West End of London on 25 October 2011 and received its first US premiere at the Shubert Theatre, Broadway, USA on 4 March 2013.

Lucy Marous, senior at Walton High School, is the costume designer. This is Lucy’s 5th show with Walton Drama! She has been hard at work with the stars of the show and everyone behind the scenes to bring this production together.

Don’t forget the upcoming Spirit Nights at Willie’s Mexica Grill

I am a proud sponsor of the Walton Drama team this year. Congrats to the hardworking cast, crew and teachers. This is an exciting year as they kick off the season in the new Walton High School theatre. For more about this show and Walton Drama, go to Waltondrama.com.

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